Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beginning of Blogging Madness

this is the first post of 2011!! the funny thing is,it's almost the end of the year! well even though it is still August..hehe..

well then,for all this time,I always say that blogging is a waste of time. Spending all day in frnt of computers or laptops, tapping the keyboard like they never gonna stop.

but now, i see dat u'll get to know someone or somebody through their blogs if u knw wat i mean. Why do people use blogs? Girls especially. Most of the girl's blogs,they post out every single thing that is, to them, might be very meaningful and wish to share with others. I bet guys are also the same. haha. can't deny it coz i'm about to do the same thing here.

the last time I post is around 2008. dat is,umm,juz to fulfil a requirement for an english subject. hehe. then,as time goes by,i see my sister is getting involve in this blogging thingy. everyday,maybe,type..type..type..hahaha..sory sis,mlawak jak,jgn maree yeaa..

ok,so,now it goes..urm,so what am im doing now? blogging? yeah..but where? in 2mc's liquid mud plant 2 cabin office..this is my 2nd last day of my internship here in 2MC or in long extended name version: Malaysian Mud & Chemicals Sdn Bhd..

days gone by,weeks,months..once i finish working tomorrow,dat will be exactly 3 months of internship. xtrasa jugak 3 bulan..pjam celik,pjam celik,pjam celik..pooof*..3 bulan daa..lots of new things,new experience dat i have gained

one thing I realized dat i have in myself is dat I know how to mix around with this is the MOST IMPORTANT criteria in working life..if I'm the boss of any compny,dat's the number 1 criteria if u want to apply any post in my company..(kalau ada company laa..hehehe)

for me, it's like dis, u come to a new place,a new working area..u come as a ZERO experienced person..u have nothing,but,juz ur good five senses,ur body,ur hands,ur legs,everythng dat enables u to work..boss will "campak" u anywhere he want..he says like this.."Souven,i'm going to send u to this place,report in to the head of department and he will brief u of ur post"

then,there it starts..i met with various kinds of people..with different kinds of thinking,ideas,attitude,race,everything..but there is one common thing that they have in each of them,which is TEAMWORK,u r DOOMED..the company sure kaw2 bankrap,mixing with them around is such an UNFORGETTABLE experience..

some of them bears the age almost the same as mine (juz 2 or 3 years diffrence la)..and most of them are married and got kids..they share their stories,their experiences,their knowledge,their suggestions on something..

I've made friends here..lots of them after working with them..even though it's only 12 weeks period. I met Mr. Affendy, a UiTM graduate,23 years old i guess? he works in the bulking plant. I was attached for 2 weeks there..ngam2 jugak la I met him..the best thing is he was so happy when I came in..alasan? coz i was different from previous trainees..(bangga la tek..hehe)..what he meant was the soft skill i have..good communication,knows how to mix around..there,i make friends with Joe,Donny,Umair,yoyong,yusmady and the Plant manager,Mr Taher..ini smua gila2 pnya org..hahaha..smua sama palak..when i took out my laptop,apa lagi,they all mintak movie..hahaha..

there was one time I helped Joe fixing his laptop coz his wife is working at some plce where they do records for taxes and all dat all the documents dat had been recorded,could not be accessed at all..ksian ku nangga Joe..susah ati,i helped him,fixed his laptop finally..dats the joyous moment when people felt so thankful to u and u felt relieved dat what u did finally worked return what did i get?? KNOWLEDGE,EXPERIENCES...these 2 things Joe shared everything he knew about the processes in the plants..

at that point i realized the true meaning of the verse "be humble and u will get more than what u want to get in return"..people appreciate very much our humbleness, our down-to-earth attitude..i'll hold onto this verse throughout my humble,yeah,dat is sooo true!

Well then,i think I'll stop here first. I'll continue next time! buat report dulu,kasi abis!!! adioss